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You can book yourself a massage in less than 60 seconds
If you're having any trouble, please read the instructions below

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Choose your massage duration. We have selected 2 hours here.

Choose a date and time. If you want it asap, then click the big orange MASSAGE ME NOW button or select Today (or later) and click a time in the grid. We have selected Today at 18:30 here.
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You can now see, in colour, those therapists who can make 18:30 today, for 2 hours as selected in step 1 above.

Hover your mouse over a Therapist to read her profile.

Click on your preferred Therapist. We have selected ADINA here.

NOTE: If your favourite Therapist is showing as BUSY, you can still click on her and her diary will show up in Step 1. You can then scroll through the times and days and see when she is next available.
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Now enter your postcode and the system will tell you if our therapists travel to your area. We have entered EC1V 4PW.

If your postcode is rejected but you are in London, you can email us to see if we can help.
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Step 4 is optional so you can ignore it completely!

Or click your favourite body parts and the massage style you want and your selected therapist will be informed in advance. We have selected a Deeper massage focussed on Neck & Shoulders, Thighs and Calves here.


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Complete your details and you are done!

If you have a discount code, please enter it in the box and press APPLY (the price will adjust to reflect a valid code).

Finally, click CONFIRM your therapist will be informed immediately.
We love to hear from great massage therapists looking to join our team